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                                                              "What is the “Ambassador”?

IPA Canada Region 8 (Quebec) has created and inaugurated the “Ambassador”, a wine bottle holder representing the primary goal of the IPA that is friendship. The "Ambassador" is constructed of a metal chain with the links welded together, assembled on a wooden base of carved pine.

The objective of the "Ambassador" is to be delivered to sections of the IPA and make its way around the world. It is meant to be presented in the spirit of IPA friendship and to symbolize trust, strength, brotherhood, hope and peace that we all share.  It is also a way to confirm that the member presenting it has been warmly received by his IPA hosts. The receiving IPA Section or Sections will be asked to affix an inscribed tag with their IPA details before they present it to another sections or regions

                                                                               The Ambassador Started Here
On July 26th, 2015,  the "Ambassador" was presented to ​Mr. Arek Skrzypczak, Secretary General of IPA Poland  by Serge St-Pierre and Valérie Savard of IPA Canada when they attended the World Young Officer Seminar held in Legionowo, Poland .