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We are delighted that you are visiting our website and we encourage all qualified law enforcement personnel to join our friendship organization and discover the world wide opportunities that we can offer.

 We would also like to invite IPA members from around the world to come and visit us in Canada. Our members are anxious to show off our regions and we will assist you in every way we can to help you make the most of your visit. Have a look at the following video of “Canada shared by Canadians".

What is the International 
 Police Association?

The International Police Association (IPA)  is the largest & oldest worldwide fraternal  police organization.  A non-profit  organization whose membership   consists   of    active   and   retired
law enforcement personnel.   The  association promotes global and cultural friendship among peace officers and is dedicated to enhance the image of the police in its member countries. It is an organization that is in excess of 420,000 strong, thriving in 63 countries.  The IPA also offers scholarships to serving members, local and foreign social events, cultural exchanges, youth activities and travel opportunities.

                                BENEFITS   OF MEMBERSHIP

   -   Worldwide Network of Contacts                                 -   Travel Assistance
   -   Access to IPA houses                                                      -   International Youth Gathering
   -   Scholarships, Seminars & Training                             -   Conferences & Friendship Weeks             -   Newsletters & Social Activities                                    -   Competitions & Prizes
   -   Affinity Programs & Discounts


                     UPCOMING  NATIONAL EVENTS

Bermuda Bound / Direction Bermudes 2017

In celebration of the IPA Atlantic Region’s 10th Anniversary, we are excited and proud to organize a Cruise of a lifetime and host the 2017 IPA Canada AGM aboard this cruise.  READ MORE

                               IPA NEWS and UPDATES

International Police Association Executive Board  Has Chosen IPA Section Canada  A Gold   Website Award for 2016   More here...

APRIL 2016

The IPA CANADA Newsletter is published on a Quarterly basis but is  complemented with frequent news online. We invite you to read the latest copy of our National Newsletter.  READ MORE...


The IPA International Newsletter is a nice regular way to keep our members informed and to encourage a connection with what is happening within our Worldwide organization. We invite you to take a look at our latest copy of our IPA International Newsletter.   READ MORE ...


IPA Region 7 - Montreal donates $500       to "Venturing out Beyond Cancer"

The secretary of Region 7, Shirley Cavanagh recently organized a social event for her 40th birthday. Friends and IPA members were invited for the evening and they raised funds for the VOBC organization.   A total of $3500 was raised and IPA Region 7 Vice-President, Jean-Guy Sabourin presented founder Doreen Edward with a cheque of $500.  Thank you Shirley for your involvement, we are proud to have you as an IPA member.

La secrétaire de la Région 7,  Shirley Cavanagh, a récemment organisé une soirée à l’occasion de son 40e anniversaire. Amis et membres IPA furent invités a cet événement . Les produits de la soirée, 3500$, ont été remis à l’association, VOBC, Venturing out beyond cancer. Le vice-président de la Région 7, Jean-Guy Sabourin a remis un chèque de 500$ à Mad. Doreen Edward, fondatrice de VOBC. Merci, Shirley pour ton implication. Nous sommes fiers de t’avoir a titre de membre IPA.

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